The Process

Graphic design is a process not a final product. The creative process can take a bit of time and can include experimenting with various concepts to bring a design to fruition. But like the saying goes, time is money. So what can you expect? All jobs are unique and everyone has different needs so we have shown our pricing in ranges. Jobs are quoted on after a discussion of what you actually need and before any work begins. These ranges are based on a rate of $50 per hour and do not include printing which again would be included in a quote based on your requirements.

Why Electric Design?

Ultimately it comes down to three factors: Execution, Cost and Relationships. As this is a visual industry, I’ll let our work speak for itself and I invite you to browse our work and see how we have executed jobs in the past. Secondly is cost. Electric design is a sole proprietorship, and as such, our costs are very competitive due to our low overhead. And last, but definitely not least, is business relationships. It’s less stressful, and saves time and money when you can trust who you are partnered with.

Logo Design

Range: $300 - $1200

Logo Design Pricing

Business Card Design

Range: $100 - $500

Business Card Design Pricing

Web Design

Range: $999 - $5000+

Web Design Pricing

Ad Design

Range: $200 - $2500

Ad Design Pricing

Brochures & Booklets

Range: $300 - $2500

Brochure Design Pricing