Susan Scott, ABC

President, Full Circle Communications

I've worked with a lot of graphic designers during my career. It's often difficult to find someone who is a great graphic designer who also understands what great graphic design is and can listen to what a client needs and then deliver that in a visually-compelling way. As soon as I met Eric I knew he fit the bill on all of these points. He also makes valuable recommendations for other suppliers, printers, for example, that all help the production process move smoothly along. Eric is wonderfully creative too and offers a range of design options. I would recommend Electric Design to anyone.


Kyle Paterson

Director of Operational Analytics, Bryson Insurance

Electric Design is an amazing graphic design partner. Eric spends the time to understand our company, our vision, and our culture. He is then able to take that and align the visual to match. Beyond the graphic component, Electric Design brings marketing ideas to the forefront and helps to manage the supply chain when ordering print and other materials. Electric Design is a excellent partner for any business.


Tracy Collins

President, Canavents

After 20 plus years in the event planning industry we have finally found a designer with extreme attention to detail, and who was willing to take time to understand our needs and meet our deadlines. Eric Aston of Electric Design has been working for us for the past nine years and to date has never been late with a deadline or produced work that was anything outside of outstanding. Eric has grown with us and we plan to continue this prosperous working relationship for years to come. We would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for quality, innovation and timely production.


James William Dalby


Hello Everyone, James at I was never satisfied with my first logo. Well lucky for me I found the right guy for the job. We had modifications made by a professional. I am so pleased with how well it has turned out. I did not want to lose the qualities of our old logo so I decided to keep them and incorporate something to the logo that people can relate too. I would like to thank Eric Aston at Electric Design. He is fantastic and very helpful each step of the way. If you're looking for a guy that can design he is your man!


Melanie Lingard

Owner, CareOfMel

Electric Design was great to work with. They took my existing logo idea, made it look very professional, while managing to maintain the original spirit of it. Thanks so much Eric!


Terrence Reid

Creative Director, Reid Studios Limited

Working with Eric over 13 years has surely been an asset to Reid Studios Limited success. His understanding of client requirements and attention to detail has made him an integral part of our team. His demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with in any creative team. Highly recommended!