Three Reasons for Graphic Design

3 Reasons for Graphic Design

So why do we use graphic design?

I created this infographic to point out three reasons you should use professional graphic design in your business. There are more, but I wanted to keep it short and simple.

Reason One - First Impression

Studies have shown people form a first impression within 50 milliseconds, in other words, instantly. Use good design to leave the best lasting impression possible.

Reason Two - Emotion & Personality

In a study from 2012, 64% of people cited "shared values" as their primary reason for having a relationship with a brand. It's a good idea to utilize design to bring emotion and personality to your brand and messages to reinforce these common interests.

Reason Three - Engage & Remember

It has been said we now have the attention span less than that of a gold fish. 8 Seconds is all it takes to get distracted and lose interest. Well designed content is easier and faster to comprehend, remember and keep viewers engaged.